Young Scientist Seminar

Young scientists

from the Iberian peninsula to Romania
in Eastern Europe and beyond
From LAC2020+1 to LAC2022

In this seminar young scientists discuss the landscape archaeology in two contrasting regions: the Southwestern European region from Spain and Portugal and the Eastern European region around Romania. Contributions will consist of short pitches (5 minutes) followed by questions and discussions. Contributions will be ordered along the chronology of the presented case studies. The seminar will be led by young scientists of IALA representing the previous organization of LAC2020+1 and the current organization LAC2022. During the seminar also the winners of the ‘IALA YoungResearcher Award’ will be announced.

The seminar is scheduled for 12 September 2022 from 9.15 to 10.45 GMT+2

All Young Scientists speaking at and visiting the seminar will need to register at the LAC2022 conference in order to get access to the online session.

Registration form here